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The official
White Creek Railroad
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The Frequently Asked Question page is organized by category. If you have a question, post it here. Keep in mind, since railroading is a demanding hobby, we may not be able get back to you. The listed dates are entry and modification, respectively.

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What scale is the railroad? 8/18/2001 | 8/4/2023
The railroad is one-eighth scale (7.5 inch), or 1:8. Rolling stock is typically large enough to ride "on", yet not "in".
What type of railroad is the White Creek Railroad? 6/9/2002 | 6/11/2002
The White Creek Railroad is a "operational" railroad. This means we host an average of 10-20 trains switching rolling stock on the railroad once a month between the months of May and November.
When did you start the hobby? 8/18/2001 | 8/18/2001
August 1994, shortly after retiring from teaching.
Where are the nearest hotels? 6/9/2002 | 10/25/2002
The closest motel is in Rockford MI. There are several motels in northern Grand Rapids area. Most of these are from 20 to 22 miles from the track.
Where is the railroad located? 8/18/2001 | 5/27/2013
The track is located very near Cedar Springs Michigan which is about 20 miles North of Grand Rapids on US131.
 Track Statistics  
How long is the track? 8/18/2001 | 9/7/2010
The track consists of over 5 miles of main line, and 2 miles of passing sidings, yard track, and industry spurs. To the best of my knowledge, it is the second or third longest 1:8 scale railroad in the world.
How many acres is the track on? 8/18/2001 | 10/23/2002
It's tough to gauge, but probably approximately 100 acres. The property is nearly 200 acres, but the business is on 40 acres and there are probably 50 acres of wetlands.
How many switches does the track have? 8/18/2001 | 9/26/2005
The last time I counted there was around 285. Another 10 are in the planning stages.
How many trestles does the track have? 8/18/2001 | 6/11/2002
6 total. Each one had a unique length: 60, 140, 140, 180, 300, 320 (in feet).
How much track is in the sun vs. shade? 6/9/2002 | 9/26/2005
In the summer months, approximately 30% is in the sun and 70% is in the shade.
 Engine Information  
Approximately, what are the dimensions of a locomotive? 8/18/2001 | 10/23/2002
Most cars and engines are about 16 inches wide and vary in length from 3 ft for a very short tank car to 10ft long for a modern Dash 9 engine.
 Rolling Stock Information  
Describe the WCRR rolling stock? 8/18/2001 | 10/23/2002
Rolling stock describes any "railcar" that a locomotive pulls. As of this date, WCRR has 21 tank cars, 31 box cars, 4 covered hoppers, 3 reefers, 43 flat cars, 32 coal hoppers, 6 cabooses, 19 gondolas, 10 engines and 10 engineer riding cars(flat cars) and 6 maintenance of way cars. Also several other friends have engines and rolling stock stored at this RR.
Approximately, what are the dimensions of a normal piece of rolling stock? 8/18/2001 | 6/11/2002
Rolling stock is approximately 5 feet long, 1.5 feet high, and 1.5 feet wide. Weight ranges from 100 lbs. to 250 lbs., depending on content and construction.
 Track Construction Information  
When did track construction begin? 8/18/2001 | 8/18/2001
November 1994
How people have helped in the construction? 6/9/2002 | 10/23/2002
Probably 15 -20 persons have been involved at one time or another. The majority of construction has been by 5 people. Usually only 1 or 2 persons are working on the RR on any given time.
Is construction continuing? 8/18/2001 | 9/7/2010
Track construction is nearly complete. Currently, most work is confined to small changes and routine maintenance. Changes take place as time and energy allow.
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Where can I find some other sites of interest? 8/18/2001 | 6/9/2002

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